Nutrients are Churned from the  Bottom in Warmer Climates

Cold water is denser than warm water, which makes it sink to the bottom, where a fairly steady temperature is maintained. The same process happens as floating surface ice melts into very cold water in the spring. During these periods, nutrients are churned from the floor and brought to the surface.

Less than 1000ppm of Dissolved  Salts Makes Freshwater

Freshwater is any naturally occurring liquid or frozen water containing low concentrations of dissolved salts and other total dissolved solids with less than 1000 parts per million (ppm) of dissolved salts.

Low Carbon Footprint - Environmentally Sustainable

  • Utilizing existing freezer warehouses and logistic capacity as opposed to installing additional operations to the market (which would mean extra freon, energy, water, warehouse etc.)
  • Sourcing pure and clean water with no added machinery like reversed osmosis, ultraviolet equipment and containers
  • Exclusively non-plastic packaging
  • Highly efficient ice block production
We All Need Freshwater!

Every living thing on Earth needs water to survive, but over one hundred thousand species, including our own, need a special kind of water that can only be found in certain places and is in very rare supply: freshwater.

Renewable but Finite

Freshwater is a renewable and variable, but finite natural source. It is vital for life, supporting ecosystems and human civilizations. Freshwater can only be replenished through the process of the water cycle. 

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