iCY value proposition
  • Handcrafted signature ice in cubes, pillars, rocks & blocks
  • Always made of pure and fresh water from the Nordics
  • Our unique process lowers the salt level ratio and removes all impurities in the signature ice
  • Seasonal expression, mix pack Premium packaging with single stored ice cubes
  • Branded, Non-branded, iCY-logo, seasonal expressions
  • Packaging is plastic free and will be sorted as paper
  • Scalable beyond imagination due to sustainable production process
Less than 3% of the World's  Water is Freshwater

The Earth’s surface consists of two-thirds of water, of which less than 3% is fresh and less than half of that (<1.5%) is available in liquid form. The remaining freshwater is locked away as ice in polar caps and glaciers. Therefore, freshwater ecosystems are a precious resource!

Only Clear Water in Our Ice

We only use the highest quality and purest Nordic freshwater and groundwater for our ice. Meaning, you will not see any blurriness inside the ice. Blurriness that you sometimes see in conventional ice is due to different kinds of pollution.

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iCY is 100% true to their brand and delivers precisely what our business has been lacking


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